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keep a secret ?

There is a new and better way!

Easy, fast, secure and free.

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Z1 CryptNow is very easy to use

Collect your files.

Choose a strong password.

Create secure encrypted PDFs.

Encrypt any file type

Fileformat Dokumente


Fileformat Bilder


Fileformat Musik


Fileformat PDF

PDF documents

Fileformat Videos


Fileformat Others

and more

The power of PDF unleashed!

Use Adobe Reader for decryption

Find data attached to the info sheet

IT Security made in Germany

Zertificon is proud to carry the “IT Security made in Germany” quality seal. We guarantee 100% trustworthy IT security solutions.

Use a master password!

Your master password is a fallback option in case you forget the password for a specific file. Check out our blog or FAQ to see why this is useful.

Choose your master password carefully. If you forget it there is no other fallback. We cannot reset your passwords.

Don’t share your master password with anyone!

Z1 CryptNow for Android

Who we are and what we do

At Zertificon Solutions we manufacture sophisticated encryption solutions for business communication including secure email and large file transfer. Our clients range from SOHOs to global enterprises

Why we developed Z1 CryptNow

We believe that everyone has the right to decide what‘s private and confidential in digital communication. A tool which easily encrypts any file formats and produces secure data but does not force anyone to use that same tool for decrypting the data is something that we haven‘t seen around yet, so we have developed one ourselves.

Have fun with Z1 CryptNow and keep safe!

By the way – we are from the IT capital Berlin, Germany and we are hiring! Check out our job offers.