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Homeoffice in der Corona-Krise

Secure data exchange from the home office with
Z1 CryptNow

Encryption | 01. APR 2020

The coronavirus is currently keeping the entire human race on its toes. Surely you too are affected by it in some way and are confronted with completely new problems. Z1 CryptNow offers you the solution for at least one of these problems.

Zertificon Solutions Homeoffice

Increased risk of data theft

To minimize the risk of infection, many people currently work in the home office. They are increasingly exchanging data – often without the security measures from their normal working environment.

Cybercriminals now have access to vast amounts of data that is transmitted unprotected. They can use this data to launch a wide variety of attacks. If access data is sent unencrypted by e-mail, attackers can very quickly access internal accounts and systems. But other data is also collected and used profitably months or years later. For example, convincing phishing attacks rely on internal knowledge that criminals gather from the collected e-mail traffic. Cybercrime can cost companies their economic existence.

But what can you do to protect your data and the data of your company? The answer is: Z1 CryptNow!

Protect your data through encryption

With our free Z1 CryptNow app, you can encrypt confidential files with a password to protect them from unauthorized access. So you can share your data securely over the Internet with friends and colleagues without worrying about someone else reading it. And the great thing is that the recipient only needs Adobe Acrobat Reader and the password to decrypt the file. Of course, you have to tell them the password in a secure way, for example by SMS or phone.

Z1 CryptNow is quick to deploy, easy to use, and can be used for both personal and business purposes. Whether you want to privately send photos to a friend or share documents containing personal information with a colleague from your home office: Z1 CryptNow is just that solution for you.

Please note: Z1 CryptNow is a standalone application that you use on your own responsibility. Companies with frequent encryption needs and their own IT department should use Zertificon’s professional encryption solutions for e-mail and secure data transfer for business communication, for example as a pre-installed solution from the Azure Cloud.

Easy. Secure. Encrypted. With Z1 CryptNow from Zertificon – free for Windows, Android and iOS.

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