Why Irma is delighted to discover there is a master password

Encryption | 04. OCT 2018

Screenshot: Forgotten password

Irma forgot to save pictures from a Z1 CryptNow PDF to her computer. For security reasons, Lara had given her the password via telephone – the password Irma now needs to reopen the file. But that was months ago, and neither of them can remember the password. And to make matters worse, while cleaning up her computer, Lara accidentally deleted the original pictures.

Are the photographs now locked away from them forever?

As a matter of fact, the pics would be permanently lost if Lara had failed to set a master password. Fortunately, she had the foresight to set a master password, which quickly solves the problem.

Screenshort: Masterpassword

Problem solved! Irma once more has access to the wedding shower pictures and Lara is looking forward to seeing them again, too.

Lara’s dilemma is only one of many cases, which is why it is generally recommended to use a master password. Before you encrypt your files, define a master password! And as with any password, make sure it is actually secure and keep it secret.

Try for yourself how simple encryption can be with Z1 CryptNow and let the master password be your safety net. You will find more information on master passwords in our FAQs.

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