Z1 CryptNow free use, privacy, security

Z1 CryptNow is completely free of charge. You don’t even pay with your data because we do not collect any data.

The entire encryption process takes place right on your personal device, you can even be offline. We don’t even notice when you share or save your data.

Everyone can use Z1 CryptNow. But companies should definitely keep in mind that the tool does not contain any kind of centralized password management system. If an employee encrypts a file, only they know the password to decrypt it.
Even if you phone us we cannot help. We have no means to decrypt Z1 CryptNow PDF files without the password.

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The security of any encrypted PDF primarily depends on the quality of your personal password. You will be shown how secure your password is, when you set it.

For many people the terms PDF and security do not necessarily go together. But the existing media reports criticizing PDFs refer to PDF functionalities that are not connected to Z1 CryptNow (e.g. problems in PDF rights management).

Z1 CryptNow is using the encryption algorithm AES-128. This is currently recommended by the German Federal Office for Information Security as a secure encryption algorithm. Z1 CryptNow’s key generation and encryption are executed through the open-source library itextSharp and not directly within the Adobe software.

How to use Z1 CryptNow

Just add the files you want to encrypt to Z1 CryptNow.

Choose a password and click “Encrypt”.

On Windows, you now pick the directory where you want to save your file. You can also change the filename.

And done. Your files are now securely saved within a Z1 CryptNow PDF file!

To decrypt the files just open the Z1 CryptNow PDF with the Adobe PDF reader and enter the password used to encrypt the files. Now you can find your files in the attachment section of your PDF reader.

The availability of attachments is organized quite differently in various PDF readers. Most PDF readers can show attachments. In most cases you can reach attachments by clicking a paper clip icon.

We recommend the use of Adobe Reader.

With Z1 CryptNow you can encrypt any file format: Pictures, PDFs, music and video files, presentation slides, Word or Excel documents.  You can collect different file formats and encrypt all of them together in one Z1 CryptNow PDF file.

Z1 CrypytNow works well with Adobe’s PDF Reader. Adobe PDF Reader however has a blacklist of file formats which are not supported. If you try to add them you will get a warning. You can ignore this if you know that the PDF reader of your choice supports the file format. But bear in mind that if you give the encrypted file to someone else they will not be able to open this with Adobe Reader.

Passwords / Master Password

Z1 CryptNow will ask you for a dedicated password with every encryption task. This is good for safety, but after a while you might lose track of all your different passwords.The master password is your fallback if you forget a password.

If a master password is set, all files are encrypted with this in addition to the dedicated password you set for encryption. This means: When you share confidential data, choose a password for the recipient. If that password gets lost, you can still open the file with the master password and reencrypt the data with a brand new password for the intended recipient.

If the master password is set, you will see the notification “Master Password activated” during encryption.

YOUR MASTER PASSWORD MUST BE KEPT A SECRET! Do not share your master password with anyone!

Special Mode – Encrypt with Master Password only:

You could leave the password box empty and just encrypt with the master password. But you should only do this, if you are encrypting the file exclusively for yourself and never wish to share the file with anyone else.

Set New Master Password:

If you replace your master password, your new master password is only valid for files you are encrypting after you set this new master password.

Z1 CryptNow PDFs can only be decrypted with the master password that was valid at the time of encryption.

Click the menu item “Master Password”. Here you can set and change your master password.

If you do not want to encrypt with a master password anymore, just delete it from both password boxes and save your settings (Windows, Android) or click “Reset Password” (iOS).

No, the tool would not be safe if we could. We do not have any access to your data.

But you can set a master password, with which your files will also be encrypted. If you happen to forget your master password as well, your files will be encrypted forever.